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New ACERTA brand

ACERTA launches the new brand that will guide its strategic project 2020 – 2022.

Since its foundation, ACERTA has always remained faithful to its values: independence, impartiality, technical competence and objectivity.

This has allowed us to become one of the most reliable certification entities in the market, which is guaranteed by being one of the few that have managed to keep the 5 stars of BRCGS in all ratings, for being among the 5% of entities best rated by GLOBALG.A.P., and for being the best rated worldwide in many of the certification areas of this set of standards.

Our new brand synthesizes what we have been able to build: CONFIDENCE.

Animal Welfare during transport

ANTA and ACERTA develop the regulations for the new brand.

The National Animal Transportation Association (ANTA) has commissioned ACERTA to develop an animal welfare seal for transportation. It is expected to be operational in the coming months.

ANTA and ACERTA are working on the development of a Technical Regulation for Animal Welfare during Transport, which will include the specificities for each of the species (pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and horses), in relation to the duration of transport, rest times, surface, handling during loading and unloading, water and feed supply, etc.

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