WELFCERT – Animal Welfare CHILE. Collaboration contract between FS TEAM and ACERTA B.A.


ACERTA has recently signed an agreement with the Chilean company FS TEAM to develop in Chile the WELFCERT®, Animal Welfare certification scheme. Through inspection and audit services, animal welfare and traceability will be certified throughout the entire production chain (from the farm to the labeling of the final product, through transport, the slaughterhouse and the food industry) under the WELFCERT brand. ®. FS TEAM contributes its experience in the standards of the Chilean Association of Animal Welfare and in Latin American production systems.

ACERTA, for its part, contributes its technical competence and experience in the agri-food certification sector to help develop the regulations for this new certification scheme. The common objective: to obtain an impartial, independent and professional seal that creates an environment of trust for the Chilean consumer and in which all the operators involved can evolve efficiently. “Having animal welfare stamps is key to achieve alliances with the main buyers and to increase consumer confidence,” says Laura Godoy Fabián, manager of the Animal Welfare scheme at ACERTA. “We are firmly committed to improving the welfare of animals and giving guarantees to consumers of livestock products, without losing the productive objectives of the companies,” said Roberto Becerra, Manager of FS TEAM.

In 2014, FS TEAM was born, a consulting and advisory group in the areas of animal welfare and food safety, as well as other services, which include communicational management in crisis and high-level training. It has a large team of specialized professionals, through years of training and experience, in evaluating and advising companies in the livestock and aquaculture field. Among the objectives of FS TEAM is to precede the growing global trend in favor of animal welfare, providing operators with the necessary tools to incorporate the high standards of animal welfare demanded today by international markets into the reality of Chilean productions.


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