The key to our success, which makes us one of the best rated certification bodies according to the promoters of the standards, lies not only in our efforts to improve our technical competence on a daily basis, but also in the almost obsessive application of our values. This allows us to strengthen unity and cohesion, thus promoting a profitable growth strategy.

Core values

Since the company was founded in 2004, our fundamental values: Independence, impartiality, competence, objectivity and confidentiality, govern our activity wherever we carry it out.


The Code of Ethics and Conduct extensively describes these values, and explains how they should be assumed by all of us who work in and for ACERTA. This strength of values, which we call INTEGRITY, is the cornerstone of this organization and why we are all proud to work in it.

Integrity Report

Anyone can file a complaint for reasons related to the integrity of ACERTA. All complaints will be assessed by the entity’s Integrity Committee and responded to within ten working days.


The Integrity Committee has no obligation to respond to defamation or allegations where they are in bad faith or do not correspond to integrity concerns. Commercial complaints and personal issues of employees and partners should be brought to the attention of the entity’s General Management by e-mail or by post.

If you are in doubt as to whether a situation may be a breach of ACERTA’s integrity standards, you may contact the entity’s General Management before completing this form.

Reports of integrity incidents can also be made by any other written means, addressed to ACERTA’s General Management

Integrity complaint form:

Click here to access the online form

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