The WOW quality seal is born to certify animal welfare in the transport of animals


  • The Animal Welfare on Wheels – WOW guarantee mark makes it possible to identify operators who meet the welfare conditions for animals during transport in land vehicles.
  • With very little more effort, carriers certified in the WOW by ANTA seal will be able to opt for the prestigious GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate, an international benchmark for quality in the primary sector and for all food distribution companies.

The National Association of Live Animal Transporters (ANTA) has published the Animal Welfare on Wheels – WOW seal of quality in the hands of the Animal Welfare operations department of ACERTA, a certification body specialized in animal welfare and the only Spanish entity authorized to certify the international standard GLOBALG.AP Animal Welfare, exclusively for the transport of live animals.

The WOW by ANTA guarantee mark makes it possible to identify the operators who meet the welfare conditions of the animals during their transport in land vehicles. At the moment, this standard applies only to the swine species, with specific requirements for white coat pigs, as well as for Iberian pigs. However, the modules with the requirements for cattle, sheep and goats, poultry, rabbits and horses are in the process of being published. In a third impulse, the technical regulation will also cover wild cattle, among others.

The WOW by ANTA seal of quality, which has been designed based on the requirements of the international standard GLOBALG.A.P. Animal Transport, has gone a little further in the requirement for the benefit of animal welfare. This means that carriers with the WOW by ANTA seal will be able, with very little extra effort, to obtain the prestigious GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate, an international benchmark for quality in the primary sector and for all food distribution companies.

Pedro Martínez, ANTA manager: “This seal seeks to ensure animal welfare in an operation as delicate as the transport of live animals, considering aspects as important as the type of animal to be transported, the ambient temperatures and the characteristics of the vehicles. used for this work ”.

Juan Portillo Ruiz, Livestock Operations Manager at ACERTA: “Market demand and distribution channels make certifications throughout the process increasingly necessary. Defining and highlighting the benefits of certifications for the markets and consumers is a guarantee for the agri-food industry, even more so with the current health crisis caused by Covid-19 ”.

The certification of the WOW by ANTA seal is carried out by independent certification bodies. Until December 2021, ACERTA will be the only entity authorized to certify it.

Laura Godoy Fabián, Scheme manager of Animal Welfare at ACERTA: “For us it has been very gratifying to technically assist and accompany ANTA in the creation and publication of this standard that makes animal welfare certified throughout the entire process, including their transport, a time of great stress for the animals. This certification also allows us to position ourselves as the entity with the most complete range of animal welfare standards ”.

About ANTA             

ANTA is a non-profit organization, which was formally constituted on July 23, 2003, whose purpose is to bring together companies and freelancers at the national level whose activity is the transport of livestock, defending and representing the interests of this group. The association is a common voice of live animal transporters before the MITMA (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) and the MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), since their activity is subject to the regulations that are established by both Ministries.

The entity carries out actions of representation, services and advice for its associates, makes information systems available to the associate on the transport sector at national and European level. In addition, it has training programs and conferences on an annual basis with the aim of updating the knowledge of professionals working in this sector.

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