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ACERTA will only accept the appeals submitted using the form available on our website, as it allows them to be received directly by the appropriate persons.

Appeals communicated orally, for example by telephone or in person, will not be considered official, so this procedure will not be applied.

ACERTA makes a complaint and suggestion form available to staff, which can be used to document these unofficial appeals, so that they can be known and treated by the entity’s top management.

Note: Orally formulated appeals can not be considered official because they do not allow us to show that they have actually been received and can make a commitment to the recipient, especially when they are people with a medium or low level of hierarchy.

When an ACERTA client wishes to express dissatisfaction with a decision of the entity regarding:

  • Negative evaluation of inspection or certification results
  • Not granting a certificate
  • No renewal of a certificate
  • Modification or non-modification of the scope of a certificate
  • Suspension or cancellation of a certificate.

You must file a formal appeal, using the form available on the web.

Appeals are received by the managing director of ACERTA, who assesses the situation and determines the actions to be taken. In case of not being able to guarantee his impartiality, he shal delegate to the Impartiality Committee.

Except when justified reasons, at least the following actions will be carried out:

  • Registration of the appeal in the system.
  • Communication to the appellant of the beginning of the case study.
  • Clarification of doubts, if any, on the issue that gives rise to the appeal and even on the reliability of the information provided by the appellant.
  • Designation of the people who should help manage the appeal.
  • Preliminary evaluation and informed decision to accept or dismiss the appeal
  • In case of dismissal, communication to the interested party justifying the decision, within a period not exceeding ten days.

In case of acceptance:

  • Investigation of possible causes and scope.
  • Assessment of the relevance of the incidence.
  • Identification of actions that will be adopted.
  • Communication to the appellant of the decision and the indicative deadlines in which a definitive answer will be given.
  • Implementation of actions.

The managing director of ACERTA will inform the appellant of the decision finally adopted, explaining the reasons that justify it and the actions that, where appropriate, the entity undertakes as of said decision.

Decisions on appeals may not be appealed against ACERTA. However, interested parties can always resort to the dispute resolution procedure provided in the contract.

ACERTA will inform the Impartiality Committee about all the claims and appeals that it receives in the period since the last call. The Impartiality Committee may evaluate the management carried out by ACERTA and determine the actions to be undertaken by the entity in case it considers that, on some occasion, impartial decisions have not been taken and informing ENAC, the promoters of the rules. evaluated and the appellants affected.



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