The following companies operate under ACERTA Brand:

ACERTA CERTIFICACIÓN, S.L., CIF: B97479935, registered in Registro Mercantil de Madrid: Tomo 23.102; Libro: 0; Folio: 179; Sección: 8; Hoja: M-414008.

ACERTA I MÁS D MÁS I, S.L., CIF: B86956463, registered in Registro Mercantil de Madrid: Tomo 32.090; Libro: 0; Folio: 203; Sección: 8; Hoja: M577534.

Both companies are addressed in Avda. de la Osa Mayor nº 29 – 28023 Madrid, and share the management team. Here in after both companies will be denominated as ACERTA and all the content applies to both.

ACERTA CERTIFICATIÓN Société Responsabilite Llimitee a Associe Unique [ACERTA CERTIFICATION S.R.L. (AU) MOROCCO] is a company incorporated in Morocco (02-19-2020) and registered in the Moroccan Trade Registry on August 10, 2020, with number 002419471000097. Its registered office is at APPT Nº 13 4eme etage N36 Bloc G, Al Houda, Agadir, Morocco.


ACERTA conducts the following activities:

  1. Assessment services of Projects on R+D+TI, according to the specifications of the version in force of ISO 17065.
  2. Assessment services of food safety standards according to the specifications of the version in force of ISO 17065.
  3. Inspection services (type A) according to the specifications of the version in force of ISO 17020.
  4. Second party audits against private standards.
  5. QMS auditing services for certification bodies accredited against ISO 17021.
  6. Open training/education.
  7. Training/education on-line
  8. Selling multimedia contents.
  9. Participation in conferences, seminars and congresses focusing on the promotion of quality, food safety and innovation.

ACERTA does not conduct consultancy activities focused on facilitating the compliance with the standards to be certificated, including internal audits and in-house training.

ACERTA is not participated and has no participation in:

  • Organizations which may be applicants of the assessment services provided.
  • Organizations competing with applicants of the assessment services provided
  • Organizations supplying consultancy, products nor maintenance services to any of the organizations mentioned above.

The commercial offer is shown in:

ACERTA does not provide accredited assessment services to organizations which have received external consultancy (including internal audits and in-house training) when the relationship between the consulting Company and ACERTA may lead to an inacceptable threat for the impartiality.

ACERTA’s assessors must declare their impartiality for each evaluation job in which their participation is required.

ACERTA performs all its activities under the premise of the HIGHEST INTEGRITY. The success of our business plan depends on customers, governments, developers of standards and accreditation bodies have confidence in the reliability of our reports and certificates. And this is possible only if we prove every day that we scrupulously respect the principles of independence, impartiality, competence, objectivity and confidentiality that should rule the conduct of the inspection and certification bodies.

The way in which ACERTA interprets and applies these principles to your entire organization is described in CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT. All people working in and for ACERTA must comply with and enforce the provisions of this Code, and especially in regard to the obligation to declare any conflict of interest affecting them or could affect them in relation to their activities as members of ACERTA.

ACERTA is aware of the dangers to the integrity that continually threaten inspection and certification bodies, and thus keeps permanently updated a self-analysis of integrity in which are identified and assessed the risks, and are undertaken appropriate preventive measures for avoiding or minimize them.

To effectively manage the integrity of the organization, we have designed and implemented PRINTA – The Integrity Program of ACERTA, where are described the actions to ensure that in relation to integrity:

  • All staff and collaborators receive initial and continuing training.
  • All staff and collaborators know and assume the Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Anyone in the organization can ask questions and solve their doubts about the complete understanding and application of the Code.
  • The organization deals with:
    • Maintain updated information on activities and related parties.
    • Maintain updated information on additional or new activities, and risky relationships  of all team members.
    • Maintain a high level of awareness.
    • Promote the proactive attitude of its members, providing ideas and work experiences to improve.
  • Any person may file a complaint.
  • The complaints are properly managed and, if necessary, appropriate disciplinary actions are taken.

The managing director of ACERTA is responsible for:

  • Monitor the implementation of the Code and the compliance with PRINTA, as well as to define and implement the necessary measures when breaches were detected.
  • Manage integrity complaints.
  • Evaluate any new activity to be undertaken in order to verify that there is a threat to the impartiality of the entity.

On 1st April, 2014

Matías Romero Olmedo

CEO – Managing director



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