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Process for reviewing compliance with the requirements of a standard, applicable both to inspection and certification of products, services or management systems.

It is the action taken by the applicant for an assessment or by an involved third party, for which disagreement is expressed regarding the methods of action of ACERTA, or the persons or subcontractors of the entity, in any aspect related to the assessment process.

It is the action taken by the applicant of an evaluation for which he expresses disagreement with the decision made by ACERTA regarding the result of the assessment. It may affect the non-granting of a certificate or its scope, its suspension or its cancellation.

It is the action aimed at resolving disagreements between ACERTA and its customers; they can be carried out by judicial or extrajudicial means, including the arbitration courts so that they can decide on the discrepancies in the interpretation or in the fulfillment of commercial agreements, and can be urged by any of the parties.

It is the committee formed by representatives of the parties involved in product certification or quality systems, as appropriate, in charge of supervising the activity of ACERTA from the point of view of the impartiality of its decisions. In addition, within the scope of this procedure, it is responsible for the study of cases and the issuance of rulings or decisions related to appeals processes when they can not be carried out by the general management of ACERTA.

It is an organ formed by people from the top management of ACERTA, not linked to the evaluation processes, with the capacity to force the rest of the organization to assume its resolutions. Their competences are basically oriented to decide on situations in which the integrity of the entity may be in risk.

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