ACERTA has been accredited for IFS Logistics

The IFS Logistics standard is endorsed by the distributors’ associations in Germany, France and Italy, and fulfills the objective of creating transparency and trust in food safety throughout the food supply chain. The audits must be done by specialized auditors.

The objectives of the IFS Logistics standard are:

  • Ensure comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain
  • Establish a standard with a uniform evaluation system
  • Reduce costs and time for suppliers and distributors
  • Work with accredited certification bodies

IFS Logistics requirements are divided into 6 chapters:

  • Management responsibility
  • Product safety and quality management system
  • Resource management
  • Service performance
  • Measurements, analysis and improvements
  • Product defense and external inspections


IFS certification is a reputational leap for supplier organizations, but it also offers key benefits for all those companies that want to achieve excellence in quality and customer satisfaction, and who also seek a competitive advantage in their market:

  • Trust in the supplier and its products is improved
  • Time spent searching for suppliers is reduced
  • There is reliable information on the conditions of the suppliers
  • Ability to reduce individual costs by combining audits that can be performed at the same time.
  • Understanding between management and staff regarding standards and procedures is improved.
  • Control of compliance with regulations related to food and non-food products
  • More effective use of resources.
  • Reduction in the need for inspections by customers.
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