LITERA MEAT – The largest pig slaughterhouse in Europe, renews its WELFAIR™ Animal Welfare certificate with ACERTA.


  • The WELFAIR ™ Animal Welfare seal has been recognized as one of the most innovative projects in responding to the current needs of society and committing to a responsible consumption model.

Binéfar, Abril 2021

Litera Meat has renewed for the second consecutive year the WELFAIR™ Animal Welfare certification approved by the IRTA (Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology) in collaboration with the Neiker Research and Development Institute. The reference entity ACERTA has been in charge of evaluating the various criteria in a complete audit that concluded with an excellent report that reflects the involvement and commitment of the company in Animal Welfare.

Continuous improvement and the implementation of extraordinary measures have been key to maintaining an outstanding global score in the various criteria evaluated. Proof of this has been the improvement of the pavement in the livestock unloading area by the Department of Infrastructures itself, which has made it possible to reduce the rate of injuries during the reception of the animals. In addition, its own Training Center periodically imparts three accredited modules on animal welfare, promoting and disseminating ethical and responsible values ​​among its work team. Elena Masso, internal veterinarian and head of Animal Welfare at the company, highlights the collective effort to maintain a high degree of good practices in the various productive links and affirms that “we will continue to convey the importance of providing added value to our final product and among the Next actions we will reinforce communication with our farmers, giving them greater visibility in the process and promoting criteria of animal welfare from the origin ”.

In order to obtain and maintain the WELFAIR™ certificate, companies must undergo an annual audit that guarantees the correct application of the protocols. Litera Meat has recently renewed this seal and thus reinforces its commitment to animal welfare, betting on the highest quality of the product and a more respectful, demanding and demanded consumption model in society.

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