INTERPORC IAWS (Animal welfare and biosecurity in white-coated pigs)

Interporc IAWS (Animal welfare and biosecurity in white-coated pigs)

IAWS is a trademark owned by the Interprofessional Organization of White Cape Pigs (INTERPORC). ICC/ACERTA has been authorised by INTERPORC to certify this standard since October 2019.

The consumer will be able to recognise through the IAWS seal the meat and pork products that have been produced with the maximum guarantees and will be able to identify and associate them with quality, food safety, health and protection of animals and the environment.

The “INTERPORC ANIMAL WELFARE SPAIN” seal endorses the good practices carried out in the areas of animal welfare, health, biosecurity, animal handling and traceability in all the links in the value chain of white-coated pigs in Spain and allows the consumer to recognise that a product has been produced with the maximum guarantees in these areas.

The mark can be applied for by the following types of operators:

  • Slaughter centres
  • Slaughter centres with Livestock Production Control System
  • Farms / Livestock companies with Individual Production Management System
  • Farms / Livestock companies with Integrated Production Management System
  • Meat industries (cutting, processing and preparation of pork meat products)

The IAWS Technical Regulation incorporates the five principles of animal welfare established by the World Organisation for Animal Health, by which animals:

  • They must be free from hunger, thirst and malnutrition.
  • Fears and anguish.
  • Physical and thermal discomfort.
  • Pain, injury and disease.
  • They must be able to express their behavior.
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