ACERTA, signs a contract with Grupo Alimentario COPESE for its certification in Animal Welfare

ACERTA, has signed a contract for the certification of animal welfare, according to the standard (Welfair – IRTA), and with the beef cattle module, with Grupo Alimentario COPESE. This contract will have an initial duration of 3 years, however, to maintain this contract in force, Grupo Alimentario COPESE will carry out annual audits to verify its degree of implementation.

Grupo Alimentario COPESE has its headquarters in Coca (Segovia). All the activity of the company is focused on the primary sector, being the breeding of pigs and cattle its specialties.

Certification in animal welfare is a response to market demand and consumer demands. ACERTA BA (Animal Welfare division) is the entity that offers the widest range to certify animal welfare, covering all currently evaluable species and production systems. In addition to the main standards: WELFAIR™ (IRTA-NEIKER), IAWS (INTERPORC), is the only entity in Spain authorized for GLOBALG.A.P. Animal Welfare and with a unique seal for animal welfare in the transport of live animals.

You can obtain more information about Grupo Copese:

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