New IFS tool – ESG Check – Sustainability Assessment


We are pleased to inform you that IFS has launched a new tool, the IFS ESG Check.

With the growing concern of consumers and governments about environmental issues, the need for retailers and their suppliers to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at scale also grows.

The IFS ESG Check provides the ideal entry to familiarize yourself with environmental, social and governance criteria and also offers guidance for companies.

¿Cómo funciona?

The IFS ESG Check is a verified self-assessment and has two modules. The basic ESG Check module focuses on recording a company’s sustainability management system. As an optional additional module, companies can evaluate their carbon footprint management system and calculate their footprint.

Companies determine their current situation and status quo by completing a self-assessment form. To do that, IFS will deliver specific industry training on sustainability management and ESG principles to them. For the next step, the verification of the self-assessment, they will turn to you as their certification body or assessment services provider (ASP).

An IFS Auditor or Global Markets assessor will verify the answers given. He or she can perform the IFS ESG Check on-site or remotely. It is possible to combine it with the regular IFS Audit or Global Markets Assessment. This unique combination of self-assessment and verification ensures that the data are robust and trustworthy. The company can use the results to take measures to improve sustainability management, identify the additional potential, and plan the following steps.

After the check, the IFS Auditor/Assessor will summarise the findings in the report and prepare the improvement action plan. The first checks could be taken place in the last quarter of this year.

Unlike the IFS Standards, auditees cannot fail this verification check. The scoring system is intended to show them where they stand in sustainability and carbon footprint management so they can decide on the next steps of their journey and in which fields they want to improve.

Each company will receive a Letter of Confirmation. All mentioned documents will be updated to the IFS Database as usual.

You can find all the related information in our website.

Please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask

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