ANGUS LOGISTICA S.L.U. obtains the WOW – Welfare on wheels certification for Animal Welfare in Transport.


On March 1st, the company ANGUS LOGISTICA S.L.U. (Lleida) obtained its WOW – Welfare on Wheels certificate, thus guaranteeing its commitment to Animal Welfare in transport.

The WOW certification has been developed by ANTA (National Association of Live Animal Transporters) together with ACERTA’s animal welfare department. This seal focuses on animal welfare during transport, referring to the conditions of the vehicle and handling conditions, travel times and rests, characteristics of the cabin, training of transporters, etc.

This seal helps to identify those transporters that correctly comply with the conditions and also facilitates the process of adaptation of this sector to the upcoming animal welfare requirements of the European Union. With the approved training course of the WOW mark you will be able to acquire a complete knowledge of those requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain the certificate.


What does this certification provide and to whom?
The WOW certificate ensures dignified conditions for those animals that are transported, as well as the least possible stress. In turn, it will result in higher quality products for the industry and will transmit confidence to consumers, seeing that these animals have been treated and handled according to animal welfare standards during transport.

More information about the WOW seal:

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