Products certified in WELFAIR by ACERTA reach the main supermarkets


In recent years, there has been a growing demand for products made under ethical and sustainable development criteria by consumers of products of animal origin. There is a greater interest in knowing the production systems and, more and more, ethical practices are demanded that guarantee that the conditions in which farm animals live are optimal for a life without suffering or stress; taking into account fundamental aspects of animal welfare: food, accommodation and physical and emotional health.

As a result of ACERTA’s work of many months with hundreds of producers, from cattle, pig and sheep farms to the end of the chain, in industries that process and pack products, these foods can now be obtained packaged and labeled with the seal of Animal Welfare «WELFAIR certified by ACERTA» in the main supermarkets.

In this case, El Corte Inglés has relied on the WELFAIR certification by ACERTA to differentiate its Selección range products.

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