IFS version 7 is mandatory from July 1, 2021


From March 1, 2021, version 6.1 and version 7 could be applied in parallel. However, since July 1, 2021, only evaluations according to the new IFS version 7 are allowed.

IFS Food is a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies that manufacture food or companies that package food products in bulk. It focuses on achieving the best quality management systems for products and safety processes so that consumers can trust the products they buy.

According to Stephan Tromp, CEO of IFS, what they have tried with the new version is to make it more efficient and easier to work with.

Therefore, the requirements have been reduced from 281 to 237; some have been removed, others have been unified, and 12 are new. On the other hand, an effort has been made to clarify and clarify the existing ones.

One of the main novelties is the intention to give more importance to the product and the production processes than to the documentation, and for this it has been established that at least half of the audit should be dedicated to the evaluation in the production areas.

The concept of food safety culture is incorporated and takes on great importance, emphasizing the commitment of management to involve workers. Food safety culture refers to shared values, beliefs and norms that affect the mindset and behavior of the entire organization in relation to food safety. The management is responsible for implementing it and the training of workers plays a fundamental role in this.

Another novelty is the reform of the scoring system, which now appears better defined and includes a new concept, the “point of care”, which is not a deviation and therefore does not require correction or corrective action, although it does need to be evaluated carefully so that it does not lead to a deviation or nonconformity later on.

In addition, IFS provides additional tools to support quality managers, for example, new distance training courses, IFS auditXpressX software updates and the IFS Audit Manager app for internal auditing.

ACERTA has already started auditing with IFS version 7. If you are interested in learning more about the standard, want to get certified or take a training course, do not hesitate to contact us.

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