Spanish SMEs in the agri-food sector will benefit from € 1.8 Billion of European funds for 2021-2027.


Given the reality of the health crisis that we are seeing in the world, a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, responsible in turn for the serious economic crisis that accompanies us, hope is once again called Europe. The opening of a new programming period of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, reinforced by the creation, in July 2020, of a new fund called the European Recovery Instrument-Next Generation EU, creates expectations and opportunities for Spanish companies of all sectors and, among these, the agri-food value chain, including primary production, processing and transformation, distribution and the final consumer.

In this way, the EU supports the economic recovery of its Member States and provides them with financial resources that will double the budgetary availability of the previous period (2014-2020), exceeding € 1.8 B for 2021-2027. This reality is generating a lot of uncertainty among companies and business associations that, without a doubt, are the key element in the possibilities of channeling these funds and guaranteeing efficiency in their use, aimed at the transformation and modernization of the Spanish economy, its social backbone , economic and territorial and the promotion of the ecological transition and digital transformation of our administrations and companies.


We are moving towards a sustainable, green and digital Europe that should be an opportunity for our companies. And at this juncture, it is the most traditional sectors, such as livestock and agriculture, which must take advantage of the enormous financial aid in a short period of time (2021-2026) to modernize and transform into sectors that respond to this approach.

For this reason, from ACERTA we encourage companies and clients to stay informed in the face of the uncertainty that is being generated these days by the use of these funds, through the business associations that channel and stimulate this flow of information. Likewise, we consider that it is important to develop internal strategic plans that allow to stimulate investment and innovation projects capable of causing this transformation of companies, always acting in collaboration with other companies, associations and agents that generate knowledge and technologies. In this way, these companies will be able to delve into key aspects of their management such as Food Safety, Digitization and Sustainability, betting on market recognition through the implementation of the different existing business management systems, products and processes.

It is to be expected that, along this path, public aid through national, regional and local financial organizations will have significant quantitative growth and with new types and options, supported by the arrival of European funds from the 2021 Multiannual Financial Framework. 2027 and the Next Generation 2021-2026. These instruments may facilitate investment and technological and organizational innovation, provided that they are aligned with the backbone of the National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan that the Government of Spain will present in Europe at the beginning of April 2021.


Therefore, it is to be foreseen the next design and opening of new public financial tools that come to support the innovative effort of Spanish SMEs, so it is expected that new opportunities will arise to boost their economic growth and improve their positioning at international level. Let us stay informed so as not to miss the opportunities that may appear in the coming months and years.

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