Training in Animal Welfare of the commercial network of ASN

ACERTA has given a training session on Animal Welfare to the technicians of the company ASN (Alternative Swine Nutrition), helping to expand the knowledge of its commercial network in this field.

ASN combines its human team and its research work with the technological avant-garde and its firm socio-environmental commitment to launch an ambitious and respectful expansion process in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America.

The training session was carried out by videoconference

In a general context in which consumers, markets and society itself demand greater attention from the agri-food sector to guarantee Animal Welfare, getting certified is a response to this demand. In this sense, ACERTA’s Animal Welfare division (ACERTA BA) has invested many technical and human resources to consolidate itself as the entity that offers the widest range of certification scopes in Animal Welfare, covering all species and production systems. currently evaluable. In addition to the main national and international standards – Welfair ™ (IRTA-NEIKER), IAWS (INTERPORC) – ACERTA is the only certification body authorized in Spain to audit the GLOBALG.A.P. Animal Welfare Add-on. IFA Livestock.

Likewise, ACERTA BA has developed the WOW standard for the National Animal Transport Association (ANTA) to certify Animal Welfare in the transport of animals.

ACERTA BA’s commitment is based on the conviction and knowledge of the benefits that the certification activity brings to the clients. Defining and making these benefits tangible for the markets and consumers is a guarantee for the producers’ business. In this sense, ACERTA BA presents a business model aimed at consolidating trust in the relationship that exists between operators in the agri-food sector and which, in addition, contributes added value to their products.

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