ACERTA has delivered the WELFAIR™ Animal Welfare certificate to BOS NOSTRUM, S.L., a company made up of a team of veterinarians who are experts in beef cattle production and where more than 25 livestock families are very involved and highly committed to changing times.

“We work honestly to offer a quality product produced in Spain, that’s why they trust us. The people who make up this project love our work and watch over animal welfare ”, highlighted those in charge of Bos Nostrum.

The WELFAIR™ certification in Animal Welfare is the only independent certificate approved by IRTA in collaboration with Neiker-Tecnalia®, based on the European standards Welfare Quality and AWIN®, which assesses and controls the quality of animal welfare in farms, growing areas and slaughterhouses, exhaustively, in the species: bovine, swine, ovine and for hens, chickens, rabbits and turkeys.

ACERTA BA (Animal Welfare division), has a large audit team that stands out for its professionalism, technical competence, commitment, qualification and degree of specialization. The preparation and knowledge of the schemes to be audited that characterizes these professionals allows them to carry out their certification tasks with technical skill, clarity of criteria and precision when applying and interpreting the certification protocols.

The way the audit team works is based on trust with the client, accompanying them throughout the certification process. Always offering the best service and the best customer experience, which together with integrity, impartiality and independence are the values ​​that identify ACERTA BA., In its performance.

You can obtain more information about BOS NOSTRUM, S.L at:

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